The Great Challenge to Everything

The Great Challenge to Everything

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Tough Timez Gear presents
a 2023 edition of it's first book entitled .

The Great Challenge to Everything
Collection of Compelling Thoughts
(Submerged in Truth)( Engaged in War)
Volume 1 .

The Great Challenge to everything consists of a collection of Compelling Thoughts that stem from the mind of an Author .
Who was and still is frustrated with being lied to about everything he was ever taught about life . Especially noticing the contradictions between what's been said ,what's being done ,and what is actually going on in reality . Recognizing everything is the total opposite of what you think it is, as well as .
Recognizing in this society your primarily trained and conditioned to take everything you see and hear for face value and you're rarely ever encouraged to question anything .

Now living a lie, when you know the truth, can take a toll on your mind .
Therefore after several years of putting up with hearing lies constantly being told .
Shay Lavaughn Palmer Author of The Great Challenge to Everything decided to take it upon himself to transform into.
A One Man Army fully equipped with an arsenal of compelling Thoughts that would be used as Amo to go to war with every aspect of traditional way of thinking .

The Author literally bombards the social media platform Facebook disrupting its algorithm with compelling thoughts submerged in Truth,engaged in War .Addressing issues from the past,present, and even going as far as addressing the current problems in all 9 areas of human activity .
Ultimately until he reaches a breaking point, where he decides to increase his efforts to challenge traditional way of thinking by .Moving forward with a plan to put all material written on social media into a book radiating with truth entitled ...
The Great Challenge To Everything .

This is a must buy and a must read that is guaranteed to take you for a deep dive. Into an ocean of compelling thoughts that are so deep .you might need a snorkel just to get some air to breath .