mission statement

  Tough Timez Gear

The Street Wear  Brand  that symbolizes the strength and will to be mentally tough  . We don't sell clothes we sell symbols of strength and will . When  you go to   ToughTimezGear.com your not shopping .Your  rewarding yourself with a badge of honor for surviving the everyday struggle and.
What better way to reward yourself than with Tough Timez Gear 

Here at Tough Timez Gear our Mission from day one is to be inspiration for  the human experience.Supplying you with all the gear you need ,for all your human experiences . Which we accomplish  by  supplying reality driven designs attached to .  High quality  garments made of premium cottons as well as additional high quality materials  . All  Tough Timez Gear products include  truthful, thought provoking   fashion  statements.  Which we apply to each garment   using   various applique's from silk screen to embrodiery .

Allowing you to have  a variety of detail orientated looks . you can put on full display  to not only show off your sense of style  but. Also to show that your unapologetic  about   expressing the  social climate of the world . 
Tough Timez Gear is here to remind you. In a world  full of lies "don't" be afraid to....  (SALUTE THE TRUTH )

Therefore every time you wear Tough Timez Gear. Your not only making a fashion statement but . Your letting the world know your not afraid to.
             (SALUTE THE TRUTH) .
 Which just means your not afraid to acknowledge. The reality of how the     world actually is and not the concept of  how you want it to be . Tough Timez Gear is an advocate for being honest with yourself and being honest with  everyone around you with no fear . Speaking the truth , Promoting the truth  and supplying products barring statements of   The truth  is. The sole purpose of the Tough Timez Gear brand  .